Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Review on MySQL and Glassfish server

Hi every one, as I first heard about this contest I really wanted to be in this contest as you all know how you feel when you try to do something for "SUN". But the thing is I dont have a full idea of Java, though I took a "OOPS" in my undergrad, and this contest made me to learn about java.
To tell you about these SUN's stuffs , I really felt excited in learning about MySQL and Glass fish due to the fact that "these are made available to all the level of users". We can go on with them at great rates!
No wonder we can say MySQL as the best database server.Beacuase its very easy to understand and to implement .It is very flexible and I would say this would take the lead and all the big players will make use of its features.

As a whole I say that I am very happy and learned a lot in being a part of the Sun Microsystems contest.
Thank you

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Rajiv said...

Hi Tejesh,

I appreciate your good work of posting this sample application workflow as a blog. Is there a way you can arrange for the source code of this application. I have setup my workspace using eclipse, glassfish server & mysql db. I have even created the web project to some extent. But i need the source code to fix my issues. Appreciate your response at the earliest.